Summer Construction has a reputation for excellence that has been built through professionalism, integrity, exceptional quality, and teamwork. Below is a selection of projects that we have completed. 

Character Restoration
Character restoration and renovation requires considerable care and craftsmanship to retain the features of the existing structure and achieve a seamless transition to the new extensions. We understand the considerations and complexities that are involved with restoring or renovating a character home, and we have the experience to provide you with the right options to achieve your vision.


Architectural AlterationsArchitectural projects are a speciality of ours. We enjoy the challenge of making the architect’s vision a reality and creating spectacular spaces.  We love undertaking technically demanding projects and bring our considerable expertise and experience to each project that we perform. Our name has become synonymous with perfectionism, attention to even the smallest detail, and a high standard of professionalism.  


Enhancing the bathroom is one of the most common and frequent renovations made to the home. As individuals, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom and for many people this is the place to relax and unwind.


A kitchen is the heart of the home. So you want a space that is practical and stylish, yet comfortable enough to enjoy with family and friends. A kitchen remodel adds value, comfort, and convenience.


Landscaping (pergolas, patios, decks)
A deck can transform an outside area into another living space, enhancing the functionality and value of your home. We appreciate that any change is a big deal for our clients and even our smallest jobs receive our full attention to detail.


Tiled showers
Tiled showers are luxurious and beautiful. A plethora of tile colours, designs, and shapes provides endless possibilities and enhances the aesthetics of the entire bathroom. Summer Construction are certified installers for the Atlantis shower system.


Skylights have been brightening buildings since at least Roman times. A strategically positioned skylight has the ability to transform a dark and gloomy room into a bright, lively and incredibly inviting space.


Interior and exterior maintenance
Every repair that we perform is completed with the same high standards that we bring to all of our work. It is our belief that repairs should be performed correctly the first time – effectively, efficiently and professionally. We consider this essential as poor repairs often create more problems later on.


 Roofing and Cladding
We approach structural repair projects like a puzzle to be solved. We not only look at fixing the problem but finding out the cause and submitting options to the client on how to prevent it from happening again.


Restricted Building Works
If your project involves ‘restricted building work’ you will need a Licensed Building Practitioner to perform it. Restricted Building Work is work which is critical to the integrity of a building. It makes sure the building is structurally sound and weather-tight, which is why it can only be performed by trades-people who are Licensed Building Practitioners.
We are licensed to perform both carpentry and site 2 projects.